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Moving Day to Today

Moving Day went well, we had the most amazing removals men, I can’t recommend Ana-T removals of Reading highly enough. They made the day fun rather than a chore and no job was too small; it was a Friday and by 5pm we were all knackered but they stayed to help reconnect the washing machine and put a garden chair up.

After finding a lovely local pub for dinner we finished unpacking kitchen boxes with alcoholic shots for every box we unpacked (you have to make it fun somehow…) and crashed out about 10pm.

Day 1 and we got straight to it. We were the first ones in Homebase at 7am on a Saturday and were home and wallpaper stripping by 8am.

The next week was one of finding our feet and debating all of the quirks that come with an unmodernised property; why is there not a light switch when you enter the kitchen? Why is it over by the dining room? What’s behind the wood panelling? What are we going to do about the loft not being boarded? Why would anyone in their right mind wallpaper a whole house with wood chip? Why would you wallpaper the ceiling?!

Then the real fun began when we had our first ‘family day’. My parents (with very little persuasion surprisingly) came down and we made massive progress. We took a sledgehammer to the living room brickwork, finished wallpaper stripping the dining room, boarded half of the loft, removed all of the wood panelling in the living room, stripped back the wall lights, pulled up the floorboards upstairs and re-wired an old ceiling light.

It’s now been just over a month and whilst there are days we feel like we’re reaching burn out, we’re so happy with the progress we’ve made. All the weekends and late nights stripping back the house to its bare bones and lunchtimes at work spent ordering materials and products are worth it.

It’s not so bad living in a bit of a building site, honestly.


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