When this happens…

I’m a control freak. There, I admitted it.

So when I leave Tom at home (working from home can be handy!) to manage builders and plumbers, quotes, jobs and even cups of tea, my brain goes into frazzle mode (even on a normal day).

Naturally when I get missed calls and texts saying ‘call me asap’ and I’ve only picked these up a couple of hours later at work, my brain goes into melt down mode. I can’t cope!

And that’s exactly what happened today. Although thankfully it turns out it wasn’t a migraine, just a bit of a headache.

The builder came back today to take out the second arch. A concrete lintel was to be put in above the arch as, although the weight was probably supported adequately, it was sensible to put one in to support the potential (unknown) load upstairs – I’d much rather not hear a horror story about a future occupant and ceiling collapse here.

The brickwork came off easily and squaring it off was (apparently) a piece of cake, but it’s only when the lintel was in, you take a step back and look at each side of the arch and you notice a massive difference in wall thickness. How?! I have no idea. One has clearly been thickened over time, but either way it can’t stay how it is.

So the reason Tom called was to tell me about this hiccup and give me a chance to confirm I was ok for the builder to ‘do his thing’ to fix it. But, as these things go, I was in a meeting until 1pm and didn’t see the message until it finished, so Tom had to make a call on it without me.

The right decisions were made and Mr Builder (I will find out his name to properly recommend him!!) is coming back tomorrow to finish it off and ‘make it match’ on each side.

I trust Tom completely to make these decisions, but you know that feeling when you just want to be involved but physically can’t be…… ahh, it’s been one of those weeks! 🙂


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