Mini (literally) break

Last weekend we enjoyed a well overdue and needed mini break away from the chaos that is our house. We were only out for about 36 hours but had the best time staying with friends at Port Lympne treehouses, basically exploring a zoo and mansion on a golf buggy for 24 hours with safari and giraffe feeding in the middle (what more could you want!). Seriously, you should go..!

Anyway, Friday evening we were back DIY’ing, well darting from one DIY store to the other to pick up up supplies for the weekend; first B&Q, then Screwfix and Toolstation.

Saturday mainly consisted of Tom and I (attempting to) plaster the massive gaps that wallpaper stripping had created in some of the rooms. I’ll admit we’re no professional plasterers but considering our lack of experience we managed to make it work and with a little bit of sanding on some of the holes, it’ll look just fine. I’d say that the principle of plastering isn’t that difficult, so long as you mix the plaster to the right consistency and have the right tools, but getting the finish just 👌🏼 is hard! I have a lot of respect for professionals and anyone who can plaster a whole wall or ceiling; we’re not quite there yet..
But it has probably saved us £5-600, so every cloud.

After exhausting ourselves Saturday we got up at 7am on Sunday (as you do) and started prepping for the next job, lining papering.

We weren’t going to lining paper any of the rooms but as we started taking the wood chip off early in the project it became apparent that the walls were awful behind (no wonder they’d hidden them!). Even where the walls didn’t look so bad in places and some even looked as though they had recent plaster, when you wipe a wet cloth over the wall it shows up all of the cracks.

I’ll fill you in on the ins and outs of lining papering another day and some of the frustrations we faced but for now here’s some pictures of what it looks like at the moment in the spare room and the little bit on the landing which shows what difference it makes.

So happy to finally see something that resembles a normal, finished house!


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