Busy bees

It’s Tuesday and I’m on a high, despite feeling like I’m running on empty energy wise.

The last week has by far been the busiest in terms of house DIY since we started back in February.

BUT, (there’s always a but…) we’ve made good progress and some that you can finally see!

We have now virtually finished decorating the second bedroom, aka spare room. Lots of wood chip mayhem followed by copious amounts of plaster, lining paper, poly filler, 2 coats of white paint (will probably need another!), changing the window handles to chrome and putting up our beautiful copper bed from Dreams and it feels and looks amazing (obviously my opinion is biased).

All we need to do is change the door, carpet, a couple of handles on the built in wardrobes and buy a mattress.

Here’s what it looked like on Saturday, since I haven’t taken any photos since… call it a teaser  before I share the finished product.

Lots more to share but too much for an appropriately sized blog post so I’ll save it for the next one. 🙂

P.s the ceiling isn’t actually wonky in reality(!), it’s just my shoddy panoramic photo ability…


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