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No rest for the wicked!

So whilst the spare room is ‘almost there’, the third room is ‘sort of there’ and the rest of a house is quite frankly a night-mare (awful, I know but I couldn’t resist saying it), there is one room I forgot to mention we did finish a few weeks ago…

It’s not take a huge amount of effort, but it has meant that we have a whole lot more room and can store everything we don’t need/use at the moment out of the way (old boxes, suitcases, Christmas decorations…) and I totally recommend doing this if you have an empty loft space!

We’ve part boarded our loft using loft boards from Wickes (although you can get them in most DIY/ hardware stores or online), some simple wood screws and my dads epic Dewalt drill which I now want. It took about an hour to do the lot, including arranging the awfully packed freebie loft insulation that had been dumped in there beforehand, but now we have a great area to stockpile our crap – for want of a better word!

Anyway, noting that this isn’t a room you generally see on a day to day basis, our focus is very much on the rest of the house and I’m looking forward to a weekend of tiling, cabinet building and light fitting/fixing (we’re going to hopefully restore light to our bedroom so I can stop doing my makeup by table lamp and not get to work looking like an Oompa Loompa).

The main focus for tonight is getting the tiles cut (before it gets too late!) and on to the wall around the shower so we can grout and be ready for the final shower installation tomorrow. Then hopefully we’ll have a functional bathroom again!

Yes, that’s tonight’s job. And it’s already almost 6pm.

But I’m still smiling 🙂


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