Two months in

We’ve been in the house for 2 months now. How fast has that flown by?!

The house looks in a much worse condition than when we moved in, mainly because of the settled dust on already old dark brown carpets, half broken tiles now surrounding the kitchen, occasional radiators stacked against doors and bare soulless walls now we’ve stripped them all back. But we are getting there and it’s not so bad living in a bit of a building site, we haven’t killed each other yet..

This weekend we carried on tiling in the bathroom, Tom relentlessly trying to get every cut perfect but because of the ‘ridiculous’ tiles I bought (they are the grey textured ones and look great), it’s been a bit of a nightmare. In his words “we’re never buying those tiles again”.

Even so, we’ve tiled most of the bathroom now, removed the sink and toilet (thanks to our plumber quickly capping the water supply for us; what would have taken us a good 2 hours to figure out, he did in 2 minutes), removed the radiator and bought the hardboard for the flooring. We’re going with vinyl because it’s cost effective and easy to lay. I’d love stone or some form of tile with underfloor heating etc… but this isn’t our ‘forever’ home (not that I think I could settle somewhere for longer than 2-3 years!) so we’re not bothering with it this time.

Can’t wait to hopefully share the finished bathroom look once the new sink and toilet are in and we’ve grouted, put the shower screen on, changed the lights, had the shower connected and laid the floor…. not much to do but we’re getting there 😁.

In the meantime you can see the partial transformation below…


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