Would you?


Would you look at this and think ‘progress’? I wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t blame you for saying no either.

It looks like a regression; as if some lunatic couple have done a half arsed job at revamping a bathroom, got bored halfway through grouting and left it to dry out/ harden on the walls (not difficult on the hottest day of the year), thought why the heck not keep the pink toilet for a bit of ‘character’ (but equally remove the cistern just to make its use even more uncomfortable) and ran out of tiles for the top half of the wall by the window…? Well you wouldn’t be far off thinking that.

OK I’m lying, here’s the rationale behind the carnage that is our bathroom and there is progress hidden in the picture:
1. To start, we’ve almost finished grouting! But instead of perfecting it and wiping it all down straight away, we went out for a lovely walk along the Thames in Henley and ate ice cream with family (who could turn that down on the sunniest day so far this year!). Now Tom’s favourite tiles are Tom’s favourite tiles to scrub as well 🙌🏼. We’re taking it in turns, one tile at a time…!
2. The toilet will be going but our plumber is on holiday until next week (we’ll let him off, it is Easter). Downside is the water has been capped off for the toilet and we’ve removed the cistern to make it easier to finish grouting, leaving two bog options in this house now: a) dig a hole in the garden and hope no one’s looking or b) flush with a large bucket.
3. As we tiled away, we realised it would probably look nicer to keep the window open and frame it just in white paint, so that’s the plan for the part of the wall that looks forgotten: lining paper & paint.

We should start to  see it all come together in the next week, then we can call it another room finished! 🙂


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