Small setback but full steam ahead now

Going back a few days… it doesn’t look like we’ve done much so I thought I’d explain. Last Friday I had a scheduled steroid injection into my foot to (hopefully) relieve the persistent pain I’ve had for circa 5 months. I was told to rest up after which is a major struggle for me.

Tom relished the past few days, making the most of limited DIY but equally having him wait on me at my beckon call (sorry Tom).

Anyway, the pain is easing and whilst I still need to take it easy, we’ll be making the most of the Easter bank holiday weekend.

The short plan in no particular order is:
– Don’t argue over which combi drill to buy (ours has just packed up)
– Finish grouting and filling in the bathroom
– Lining paper bathroom
– Paint bathroom
– Eat lots of chocolate
– Remove turf in front garden
– Give turf away to the savvy local bank holiday gardeners
– Lining paper landing/hallway
– Go to (the beach) Bournemouth for Easter
– Put new house sign up
– Put new door knocker up
– Go see Beauty and the Beast at the cinema

Will check in when we’re done with the list. It could be weeks… 😉



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