I spy with my little eye

A clean, sparkly, beautiful piece of floor in our house!

The old carpet masking the horrifically smelly wee stained wood flooring has gone and this morning I got dressed and showered without having to dodge pieces of rubble, all thanks to us laying the vinyl in the bathroom last night.

The colour is Nemo 591 presto mosaic from Online Carpets. When we first started cutting it I was worried it wouldn’t look right and maybe we should’ve forked out and gone for tiles but now it’s down it looks great. The toilet and sink get plumbed in this week and all we have left to do is install the shower screen, mirror and toilet roll holder, all of which we will do with our shiny new drill we should get in the post today or tomorrow.

I can’t believe the bank holiday went so quickly and normality has now resumed; eat, work, DIY, sleep, repeat. But I feel we got a lot done, despite battling with hangriness and all the DIY frustrations.

Head over to my instagram ‘hayleytheobald’ to see what else we got up to, including smashing the brick wall down at the front of the house to make way for a driveway. I think we’re now the most hated on the street as we’ve destroyed a lot of the brickwork that the previous owner built and was apparently very proud of. Whilst I appreciate the brickwork was good quality and looks nice, practically we need a driveway and internally the brick was stuck in the 1970’s and took up a lot of room. We’ve kept the side walls in the front garden though which look lovely, as does the beautifully pointed house facade. It’ll look great when the whole house is brought into the 21st century, with some older features retained with a new lease of life, including the fireplace and front garden. Wait and see :).


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