If I were a pair of pliers, where would I be?

Literally the bane of our lives. The other day, I spent 30 painful minutes looking for a pair of, wait for it… BRIGHT ORANGE pliers. You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult to find them. We live in a very average sized mid-terraced house with a limited number of rooms and space to lose things. Although therein lies the problem…. limited space.

The house feels much bigger and open downstairs now the archways have been squared off and the upstairs does have generous double bedrooms. Yet we have managed to fill the house with umpteen number of cardboard boxes, some unopened and heavy enough to give you a hernia moving them (the wardrobe was delivered last week and is currently taking up most of the living room floor space. I’m not joking when I say we have to hurdle over it to get to the kitchen) and others empty, ready and waiting for someone to recycle them (when the bin is empty – that’s another thing, when you’re renovating a house and the bins are collected on a fortnightly rotation, ‘stuff’ starts to pile up pretty quickly).

So, last week we finally restocked the tool box with all that we could find lying around the house. The problem is that we have accumulated so many tools and materials now that even our large wheely Stanley Fatmax is too small for everything. So we have utilised 3 old cardboard boxes as well. Back to square one… which box to look in? Will what I need even be in there? Help.

Anyway, on a much more positive note, the skip has gone, some more walls have been painted and the bathroom looks great! There’s just a few teeny bits that need finishing in the bathroom before I can share the finished product, but here’s a sneak preview…


Hoping to see most of the other rooms come together over the next week or so as well. Progress is slow at the moment but we’re getting there!

P.s. We still haven’t found the pliers.


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