Our luck might have just changed

Just when everything has been taking twice, if not longer to complete (or even start at times) and when we had planned to take a whole day out of our bank holiday to wallpaper strip (expecting it to take longer…), I think our luck might have changed.

The master bedroom: the one final room that required wallpaper stripping and we kept putting it off. After the pain of all the other wood chip walled rooms, we couldn’t face it. But it had to be done and taking 3 days to do it in one go seemed sensible.

The plan was:
Friday – move everything out of the room
Saturday – wallpaper strip
Sunday – lining paper
Monday – paint

What has actually happened is:
Friday (today) – We moved everything out of the room within about 15 minutes (I’m not sure how, we have so much stuff. And Tom has a massive shoe collection I didn’t know about, hidden under our makeshift rail wardrobe!).

By 8pm, after dinner, we started wallpaper stripping, heads practically in our hands before we’d started. But quite quickly our mood changed as whole strips of wallpaper peeled off in our hands, no steaming required! It was an actual miracle.

We had to stop at 9:30 so we didn’t annoy the neighbours, but the room was almost completely stripped of wood chip. And that’s not even the best bit…

Only a few very small holes appeared in the wall, which can be polyfillered rather than plastered AND the wall quality is amazing. It was quite clearly skimmed before the wood chip was applied. My question to the previous owners; why didn’t you do this in every room?!

Anyway, long story short, we might not need to lining paper, giving us another day of our bank holiday bank potentially. I’m keeping everything crossed for tomorrow when we paint test!

Moved into the spare room for the weekend

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