Goodbye woodchip!

Hello another fresh new looking room!

So it turns out I was a little optimistic about the lining and painting situation at the weekend.

We may have started a day ahead of schedule, but we ended on schedule (still an achievement!). We probably could have gotten away without lining papering, but we wanted the professional look to carry throughout the house and not have one room standing out for all the wrong reasons. So, we lining papered and poly-filled all of Saturday and Sunday, although it was about 1.5 days work as we took Sunday afternoon off to play football (Tom) and go shopping at Bicester Village (an essential when you have a 20% off voucher!).

Monday was spent coating the room twice in white paint, putting up the shower screen (for the second time… it was too high the first time. Let’s not go into detail on that job but just say that we just about didn’t break up over it. I think we were both hangry!) and generally tidying up our pig sty.

Last night we hauled half of the flat packed wardrobe upstairs and put our room back together so we now have the space to crack on with the third room and living/dining rooms. Once they’re all lining papered and painted over the next week or so, it’ll be time to order the carpet and the fun in furnishing the completed rooms can begin.

Only 2 working days left before the mayhem continues! 🙂


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