DIY · Project Financing

Money. More. Expensive. Labour. Problem. Fix. Pay. Budget.

All words that scare me now.

We were lucky enough to move into our house with a designated ‘house budget’ set aside which we made off the back of selling our first house. We had some credit cards and a loan to pay off but this still left a small chunk for the house renovation. That being said, a little really doesn’t go a long way in DIY terms!

It feels like we’re about 10% of the way through but we’re probably actually 50% there now and thankfully we’ve used about half of the budget. But we still have a few big ticket items to pay for… carpets, bathroom, kitchen worktops, extraction fan & fitting, Internal doors, dropped kerb…

It’s a bit daunting at times and every time I hear those words above I do freak out, thinking it’s going to bankrupt us. But keeping track of all our spending and projected spend has massively helped.

If you know me you’ll know that I have a strange love for spreadsheets and use them for everything I can do. So naturally, when we moved, I set one up to keep track of costs and ‘jobs’ in the house.

Everyone works differently but I’ve found this has worked amazingly and we’ve tracked our spending down to the exact penny (minus a couple of friends & family bribery dinners which we just took out of our normal spending). It mostly comes down to remembering to keep receipts and log them weekly but it has saved us a lot of to’ing and fro’ing between bank accounts trying to figure out what’s the house budget and what isn’t.

I’ll share a snapshot of my tracker sheet in my next blog. Stay tuned 😊


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