(Another) Long weekend

The weekend before last was a long one with lots of birthday filled fun (and not much DIY, hence I’ve been a bit quiet) and now I’ve got another long weekend ahead thanks to a last minute girly spa day planned for tomorrow! (Again… not much DIY).

But alongside juggling time with friends and family, it finally feels like we’re taking giant leaps rather than small steps in the house, every day. We’ve moved the light switch in the living room, almost(!) lining papered the whole house and only have 3.5 rooms left to paint (I’m excluding the kitchen – that’s a project in itself and will be waiting until after our holiday).

For me the most dramatically changing room has been the hallway which has been gutted of its 1960’s cupboards, had the light socket channeled into the wall and has been (half) lining papered. It doesn’t sound like much, but the walls were horribly bumpy and we thought we’d experiment with thick 1700 grade lining paper to see if it would cover it and it’s worked! So for about £15, if that, the room looks totally different; much brighter and modern (take a look at the pictures below and you should see the difference).

In other news, the carpets are on order and will be fitted a week Saturday, giving us a tight deadline to work to to get all of the painting done, but it’s definitely do-able. Well it has to be.

Here’s to lots of late evenings painstakingly and painfully rolling white and grey paint onto the walls. We’ll have repetitive strain injuries just in time for our holiday 👌🏼.

At least there’s light at the end of the tunnel in the form of
A) a finished house!
B) a house that becomes a home!
C) a DIY break holiday very soon!!!
D) and a lot more ‘green’ rows on my spreadsheet which just makes me uber happy.


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