Carpet disaster

Just as I thought we were getting somewhere; the third room is prepped and ready for painting, the living room is almost complete and we’ve finished channelling the electrics / plastering over them… suddenly all seems to be going wrong.

So far today, there’s been a problem with the Apple Store so I haven’t been able to order and collect the laptop I’ve been meaning to buy (and actually had time to collect, typical), I knocked over the pot noodle I made to eat in the car (lunch at 3pm, says it all) and the carpet we chose weeks ago and was in stock 2 days ago is now discontinued and no where stocks it. Remember… the carpets are being fitted next weekend. We have a carpet fitter but no carpets 👌🏼. Cue minor breakdown.

Yes, they’re all very ‘first world problems’, I mean not being able to pick up a MacBook sounds ridiculous to be frustrated about, but I’ve been scouting one out for weeks so I can edit my DIY videos and today was the day I finally decided to suck it up and just buy one, before I changed my mind…

My reaction to the pot noodle was to stare at it and cry. I think the lack of sugar / any form of food since 7:30am caused this overreaction.

Then there’s the carpet situation.

Question: What do you do if you have 6 days, limited budget and no carpet samples you like except the one that’s discontinued?

Answer: Rush to SCS, Tapi carpets and Carpet Right. In that order. Having said that, we didn’t make it to the latter. Sorry Carpet Right, we did intend to go to you, but we were so impressed by Tapi’s prices, quality, stock and customer service that we ended up buying our carpet there and then.

Hopefully my luck is now changing, but just in case it hasn’t, I’m taking a DIY / all-things-house-related break now to celebrate Toms birthday in Bournemouth.


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