Our Tapi Experience

I couldn’t ignore our great experience yesterday in Tapi after our minor carpet dilemma, so here’s a bit more context around it.

The carpet we’d found originally was from online carpets (the same place we bought our vinyl flooring from and I totally recommend then).

I always have reservations buying something in store and much prefer to buy online from both a convenience and cost perspective. More often than not you can find the exact same product online with a reputable seller, but for a cheaper price. Maybe it’s just me being too price conscious or voucher code savvy but I’ll admit I’m one of those awful window shoppers who then goes home and scans the internet for the product.

That being said, I’ve had two brilliant and unexpected in store experiences recently which I can’t ignore, both from stores that I probably wouldn’t have bought from online. One being our sofa from Sofology and the other being Tapi Carpets yesterday.

Both times we weren’t jumped upon as we set foot in the store, the sales reps waited until we looked like we had some questions and then used their iPads to stock check and find out more for us (technology always impresses me – more stores should be using them, we don’t live in the dark ages anymore!). With the sofa, they found us an alternative to what we were looking for which really suited us but we wouldn’t have considered otherwise and with the carpet, they lowered a roll so we could see how it would look to scale.

When we decided to place an order, I had my negotiables all set, ready to compare them to their online counterparts. Tip: always do your research, even in the store.

At Tapi, I mentioned that if I went next door to Carpet Right and found the same carpet I could order it via Quidco and get £25 cashback. Almost knowing I would question their ability and pricing, the sales rep offered to take their delivery charge off to which we agreed as it bought us back down to our budget level. Then without us even asking (he didn’t need to do this) he gave 5% extra off.

The result: two very happy and relieved customers who have found what they were looking for at the right price.

The only downside: they didn’t take AMEX. At least we can still gain points on our MasterCard!

Whilst we haven’t had the carpet or sofa delivered yet, all I can say is so far, so good!



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