It’s hard to believe

That in T-minus 25 hours our carpets will be being fitted.

This was the state of the house on Wednesday…

And last night…

Mess. The only appropriate word to describe it.  And these pictures only show 4 rooms.

We have some skirting boards to cut and fit and one coat of paint left to roll out in the stairwell/landing, a small part of the living room and half of the hallway. Estimating that’ll probably take 2 hours tonight, we then need to tidy EVERYTHING into boxes that are easy to move (you should see the state of the upstairs… cast your mind back to Christmas, a birthday or other special occasion; now imagine two special occasions, all of the presents and resultant shopping sprees and picture these all just opened and dumped (probably the wrong word, we are very thankful!!) on beds and piled up ready to ‘sort out at a later date’. Well that later date is now. Yay.).

When this is done, we then need to miraculously fit 3 rooms into 2 and rip out the hideous old carpet. Finally we need to vacuum all of the DIY crap there is hiding in each room, else we’ll have bumpy carpets!

In amongst this we should really start packing for our holiday next Tuesday, especially as we have a jam packed weekend ahead.

The race is on, can we do it all? If so, who’s taking bets on what time we’ll be up to tonight?

I’ll keep you posted!

P.s the carpets and sofa have arrived as you can see and they look lovely! Just reiterating my recommendation for Tapi carpets and Sofology 😊.


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