Two very happy bunnies!

The start of another bank holiday weekend was this time spent frantically painting every inch of the house, piling tools in the shed at midnight, ripping out old carpet and moving/ stacking furniture Tetris style.

My godparent and his son turned up at 8am Saturday (no rest for the wicked!) and after a few dilemmas with the sizes of carpet (what piece fits where etc…), they amazingly fitted all our carpets by lunchtime.

I had my afternoon priorities straight and went to get my nails done whilst Tom and my dad built our wardrobe; the extremely heavy slabs of high gloss and mirrored MDF that have lived on our living room floor for the best part of a month and in more recent times been stored in a pile in our room now finally resemble a 4 door wardrobe! We’ve been living out of suitcases for 4 months, so having a wardrobe is the best thing since sliced bread to me right now. What makes it even better is that I’d been sceptical about ordering the wardrobe online (furniture123) as we weren’t sure on the quality, but for just over £400 it’s the best soft furnishing investment we’ve made in this house – it looks great and stands sturdy and tall on the carpet.

The rest of the weekend was spent BBQ’ing with friends and family and putting up the odd picture/ desk/ bookcase. The best balanced bank holiday we’ve had this year.

Today we’ve downed tools and headed off to the airport at 5am for a well deserved break (in my opinion!). Looking forward to coming back to only ‘snagging’, the kitchen and the front garden to do!


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