I’m back!

It’s been a LONG week; with work, adjusting the body clock and catching up on tidying the house – keeping the washing machine consistently busy.

But now we’ve just about recovered from our holiday (I swear I need a holiday to get over that one – head on over to my Instagram to read our story), we’re ready to crack back on with the house refurb.

What I love about being away for a couple of weeks is that it refreshes your mind when you come back.  It’s the same principle as putting away a document and re-reading it a few days later.  With our house, all of the small things are now more obvious (coving needs to be fitted, wallpaper cracks need fixing, some skirting needs repainting and light switches need changing) and lots of ‘snagging’ type jobs now stand out.  We’ll get these done, but our priority is to finish the big jobs, so this weekend will be spent ripping out the kitchen and prepping the front lawn for the final skip to be delivered next week.

Lots to do and it’s going to be a scorcher of a weekend; I’m not sure yet if that’s a positive or a negative! I’m hoping we’ll be able to enjoy the sun and build some kitchen units outside – but equally I’m not sure how practical that will be.  I have visions of us losing screws and parts in the grass but we’ll see.

Anyway, here’s to hopefully seeing a bit of a transformation in the kitchen this weekend and I’ll update you on the progress early next week. 🙂





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