Weird and wonderful

So, after relocating our kitchen temporarily into the dining room, we did make some good DIY progress last weekend. All wall cupboards and a couple of base units have been ripped out (which Tom thoroughly enjoyed smashing to pieces) and we started painting the door way white in the kitchen.

We found more strange wallpaper behind some of the cabinets, this time it looks like someone’s cross stitched the wall…


Phase 2 of the kitchen will involve taking the hob and oven out along with the kitchen worktops. For practicality reasons we left this for another weekend as it will probably involve us having to cap off the water for the sink to remove the worktops and the work surface at the moment is pretty useful.

We have another busy week of work but hoping we can make some massive progress in the kitchen next weekend and prep for the worktops to be fitted in a couple of weeks.

Also managed to put the beam up in the living room and agreed where to place our floating wall shelves. Sometimes it’s the simplest tasks that take the most time!

Time definitely feels like it’s flying now we’re into summer; people to see, lots to do… but we’re confident we can still get this all done by mid-July (about one month behind our original plan!). Fingers crossed…


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