Sorry I’ve been quiet… again

But I’ll make up for it in this extra long post. Bear with me…

I’ve been so tired, exhausted in fact. So much so that I’ve been sleeping on the train home from work and I never do that. I’m not sure what’s bought it on, but I expect it’s a combination of very late nights, work, travel, trying to maintain the usual home activities (washing, tidying, you know…), being a bit ‘ill’, and continuing with the DIY.

As we slog on, yes I’m calling it that, I have to keep telling myself that whilst there are so many little jobs, in the main we are almost there.

This is the only stage in our project where I’ve not been enjoying taking time out of evenings and weekends to do DIY. We’ve both been so enthusiastic and positive over the last 5 months, but I guess everyone has slow and down weeks once in a while.

Thankfully, we still managed to start on ‘snagging’ works last weekend.

We took the decision last week to get someone in to skim the kitchen. For the sake of £300 it saves us having to slave away for another weekend, filling and lining papering and putting us behind schedule further. Having said that, the plasterer is booked in for 3rd July which was still 2 weekends away. So, whilst the kitchen is on hold, we started top-down, finishing each room.

Bar changing the doors, which are now on order, we’ve completely finished the Master Bedroom (we had to polyfill and paint some small areas) and almost the spare room (wardrobes need one more coat of paint). We also did a tip run with a car full of old carpet and filled up our latest skip.

All in all the weekend was productive, but I could had really do with another break already! Holiday anyone?



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