I can’t even remember

What did we do, DIY wise, last weekend?

From what I can remember, we prepped the kitchen for being skimmed, which is now being done today. The final tiles came off the wall and into the skip, we chipped away at stubborn grout and sanded all of the walls down to get the crap off and create a good base for skimming (at least that’s what we hope we have done – we’ll see what our plasterer has to say when he gets there in T-minus 30 minutes).

Finally we toyed with taking the radiator off. Could we leave in situ and hammer off the broken tiles around it? Would the tiles be really obvious if we left them? (Yes). Could the radiator still be supported sufficiently if we remove the tiles? (Probably not).

So we took the radiator off, after spending half an hour draining the system AGAIN. NB: I’d now call myself an expert in radiator draining so if ever you need a system drained, you know the person to call…I have all the tools, know how long it will take and could reel off the step by step process in about a minute.

Once we’d drained the system, we thought the easy bit would be taking the radiator off. No other radiator in the house had been ‘difficult’, so why would this one be any different? Well… it turns out this was the radiator that was probably clogging up the system for years as it collected all of the gloop and gunk floating round between the pipes. As we lifted it off, I can only describe what was as a river of black grime which greeted us, and our kitchen floor (which is thankfully going next week). We tried to rebalance the radiator and stop the liquid seeping out, but it didn’t work. I was running around like a headless chicken trying to find our spare DIY sheets to mop up the flood but in panic mode you can never find anything, can you?

In full on, ‘useless gormless idiot’ mode, we both decided eventually that the best thing to do was to move the radiator outside where we could at least hose away the black stuff (which also stank). I found one old tea towel and led the trail still seeping from the radiator outside, whilst Tom did the heavy lifting.

I forgot to add that all this was done with a hangover which made the whole palaver 10x worse.

Hey, at least it gives you something to either laugh at or relate to.


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