The good, the bad and the ugly

Today’s post is basically going to be a myriad of pictures.

I’ll start this mid-weekend round up with the good, fill the middle with the bad and end with the ugly:

The good:
* We went to Wireless Fest (and it was awesome! Head over to my instagram for pictures…)
* The dropped kerb is in!
* We went to visit an amazing wedding venue…
(Note: 2/3 of these are non-house DIY related)

The bad:
* Our dropped kerb contractors woke us at a hideous hour with their pneumatic drill
* We’ve had to drain the radiator system twice so far this weekend.
* It took us about 2 hours to fit a darn radiator.
* The ‘helpful ‘B&Q’ man wasn’t so helpful when we realised he’d recommended the wrong part for us. By the time we got home, the store was shut for the day, so we’ll be back tomorrow…

The ugly:
* The kitchen, half of the hallway and living room flooded.

There’s your ugly cliffhanger. Stay tuned to find out ‘what actually happened’ and I’ll follow up the story shortly with some context and explanation.


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