Last weekend. Pt. 1

So here’s the story from last weekend, uncut. Part one of two, so I don’t bore you with a horrendously long blog.

Once upon a July weekend we went on a day trip to London for Wireless Festival, had a brilliant day out with great friends, took the late night train from Paddington and passed out in the greenhouse that was our home, only to be woken by a pneumatic drill at 7:45am.

That’s fine though because it meant something great was happening… our dropped kerb was finally being installed (is that the right word? Built? Fitted?).

A few minutes later I headed downstairs to grab some breakfast, still half asleep. Walking through the kitchen, it felt damp and I had a slow realisation that it wasn’t a normal wet-tea-towel-left-on-the-floor or milk-split kind of damp but an actual mini pool of water. Walking slowly I shouted up to Tom to come down quickly and help (probably in a slightly more panicked way than I’ve made out here).

Rather foolishly we’d left the radiator off the wall in the kitchen but not isolated the pipes. Yes it might sound stupid and we’ve learnt our lesson but there was method to our madness. We only wanted to leave it off a couple of days, the system was (well we thought it was) completely drained and it hadn’t been an issue anywhere else in the house. In hindsight though, with the black gunk incident from the week before and it being one of the lowest points in the house we should have isolated the supply ‘just in case’.

What we think happened was the pipes contracted and expanded in the heatwave we’ve had and trapped air in the pipes has moved the left over water in the upstairs radiators and naturally this has ended up all over our kitchen, hall and living room floors.

So we spent the morning damping down each room; towels went down, soaked up, hung out on the line to dry outside… repeat x4.

We fought to get the radiator on before we had to go out at 10am but we’ve not quite cracked retro fitting radiators onto re-plastered walls yet. (Any tips on alignment??). So we plugged the pipes with tea towels, laid out more towels and bowls just-in-case and headed out, hoping for the best.

And that was just Saturday morning…


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