Last weekend Pt. 2

Wedding venue viewing was the highlight of the weekend and almost the only positive element. We arrived home at about 2pm, hungry and tired from the heat and driving. Walking up to the house I noticed no pneumatic drill nor contractor van outside; our dropped kerb was complete! In all honesty though the happiness lasted about 10 seconds before I realised that a) the driveway itself still needs a miracle makeover and b) I just paid 3 men £1,100 for 3 hours work. It was the most dissatisfying grand I’ve ever spent and I wanted to cry.


Back in the house our metaphorical praying had worked and thankfully there was no more flooding. The hot weather meant we could air the house, continue to damp down and not have a yucky smell lingering. God forbid this had happened in winter when a de-humidifier would have been the only answer. I also forgot to mention that because we’ve drained the radiator system about 5 times already, the water thankfully wasn’t mucky at all (despite the radiator itself being full of black stuff!) so the flood hasn’t ruined the carpets. Hallelujah.

We lost the will to live by Saturday late afternoon after re-fitting the radiator, but Sunday was a new day and our one priority was to get some internal doors fitted. Toms parents are staying with us this week and whilst the makeshift ripped curtain doors worked for one night we had guests a couple of weeks ago, they’re falling apart and we risk no one having any privacy in the house. Not ideal in a 3 bed terrace with small landing and sight line of all 3 rooms!

So we set out planing the first door (we bought an electric planer from Screwfix and I totally recommend it!) which needed a ridiculous 2.5cm off and to cut a long story short (pardon the pun), it took us about 3 hours to fit that one door.

Ah the life of an experimental DIY-er!  Onto the next weekend (almost!)



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