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Panic averted

There seems to be a disaster theme with my recent blogs. I’m hoping this one’s the last!

Hadn’t we had Tom’s super parents on hand 2 weekends ago, we would’ve had to put back the worktop fitting and been without a kitchen for another 2 weeks. However thanks to them, 4 pairs of hands meant we could finish ripping out the old kitchen, temporarily cap off the water supply (JG push fit end caps work a treat, I totally recommend!), paint the kitchen AND fit a brand new kitchen! I’m still amazed we did it. Time was tight but by Sunday evening we had level and secure base units ready for Monday’s worktop fitting.

Monday’s booked carpenters came and went and all was well and good – we had worktops, yay! That was, until I went to take off the plastic protective film on the work surface. The stubborn layer wouldn’t budge. Thinking this was slightly odd but not worrying a lot yet, I tried various methods sourced from google; hair drying, nail varnish remover and finally warm water – which worked.

After essentially washing the film off with a lot of elbow grease, I wiped down the worktop with water and towel dried it. What happened next, I wasn’t expecting and I freaked out. The surface dried out into this:

The film had left and imprint all over the side with a horrible whitening effect as well.

By the time Tom arrived home from work, I was a stressed wreck who’d already decided that nothing would fix it and we’d have to complain to B&Q and pay another £350 for someone to come back and fit a new one. Sometimes you need a fresh point of view to rationalise you in these situations, right?

Well, after a few more googled methods to try and fix it, Tom miraculously found a solution: cream cleaner. No, I’m not joking.


This beauty (any brand will do!) will clean up your laminate worktop a treat and remove any sticky/film covering. How did he do it?
1. Apply a layer of cream cleaner gently rubbing it in
2. Leave it to soak for a minute or two
3. Wash off with a soft wet sponge

I couldn’t have been happier that Monday evening!!

Hopefully today won’t bring the same disasters! 🙏🏼


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