Mum’s the word!

Massive thank you goes out to my mum who came down to stay at ours last Saturday and ended up helping clear our whole front garden and tidy the interior of our house.  I think she actually enjoyed it as well… is that a mum thing?

I invited her to stay as Tom was away on a stag do for the weekend and it seemed like a great excuse for a girly evening followed by some Sunday shopping.

Before she arrived and whilst Tom was somewhere on the M40 heading to Birmingham, I was putting together some more flat pack furniture; the last of the cabinets for the kitchen (I genuinely believe I could set these up blindfolded having put so many together. Give me a Wickes Orlando kitchen and try me..!).

Having then created more mess in the form of masses amounts of cardboard and polystyrene, I started to clear up and re-fill our kitchen.

After battling with my final DIY job of the day and putting up our floating oak shelves my mum arrived (two shelves went up perfectly but the third wall plug got stuck… I was determined not to admit defeat for the sake of a wall plug so I fought on to finish the job, ending up with raw hands, a tight back and absolutely knackered). I finished clearing up before we took the evening to enjoy a takeaway and some trashy Saturday night TV.


Sunday morning flew by after we’d woken up super early to get a few jobs done (if you know my mum, she’s not a ‘morning person’, so this is a BIG thing!!).  Mum helped me shift as much of the turf pile in the front garden into the skip, with me occasionally trying to flatten the contents to fit more in. I think it’s safe to say we’ve filled our skip to the brim (literally) now.

Two tip runs and 3 hours later and the front garden is resembling, well, a front garden again.

So last weekend was definitely more successful and I feel like we’re back on some sort of track (maybe a wobbly, slightly broken one but at least it’s got direction) to finishing reasonably soon.

Can’t wait to share some proper progress photos with you soon but here’s some DIY ones for now…

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