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Doors and vacuums

Pardon my French but I bloody #$%+!*^! hate doors and I bloody x!&”):*%]* hate vacuums. Here’s the reasons why:

Hanging a door, they say.
Sure, no problem, they say.

Well, I’ve never encountered a DIY task as time-consuming, boring and so strenuous.

So far, it’s taken three weeks to hang three doors in our house. At this rate, taking into account holidays and time off DIY, we’ll be done with all 9 doors just before Halloween. Great.

I think the problem is more our house than the doors; every one has requiried planing, sanding, painting, cutting etc.. about 5 times on each to get it right, which is no fun at all.

Yes we’re beginner DIY’ers at this and we’ve learnt a lot but it’s still taken what feels like a lifetime. I’m sure if we had a whole day and a host of incredible tools, we could knuckle down and get a few done, but we’ve had to make do with our £29.99 electric planer from Screwfix, borrowed hacksaw and £3.99 miniature hand planer. So that’s why I hate doors.


For the sake of all of the Brits reading this, I’m going to call them hoovers.

Before we moved into our first house I panic bought a Bosch Hoover online for just under £100. The reason? Apparently new regulations were coming in to reduce the power of hoovers (it was more complex than that), but having grown up in a house where a hoover was part of the family (my mum practically worships hers – so much so that sometimes she hoovers at 10pm!) I knew I had to get a good one. On a budget, it was great. It’s lasted us until now. There’s the problem.

Why does an appliance always have to break down/ die on you JUST when you need it?!

We bought an industrial Hoover from Wickes when we moved in to our house to cope with all of the rubble and giant clumps of dust and dirt. It was great but someone told me before I’d bought it that it won’t last and true to their word, it started to fade a few weeks ago (actually it’s not faded, it’s done the opposite and sounds like NASA is preparing to launch a fired up shuttle in our kitchen, smokey dust firing out and everything…).

It wasn’t bad timing though, because the carpets had just been laid so we needed to get the Bosch back out; our ‘normal’ Hoover, much tamer on the lovely carpets.

But now Bosh is dying. Bosch only works for 30 seconds at a time now, until it gets stressed, throws a strop, overheats and powers off.

So whilst we’ve now hung some of the doors, the house unfortunately resembles a giant hamster cage with tonnes of sawdust slowly being trodden into the floor. At least it matches the carpet.

Someone get me a Hoover now please 😩.



2 thoughts on “Doors and vacuums

  1. Hi IHave a spare hover you are most welcome to have . Also a planer as well, if you need a better one than yours if it’s any help xxxx


    1. Hi Barbara, I thought I’d replied to this on here, sorry! 🙂 We borrowed my mums for 1 day but may need to borrow another. When we’re next down we’ll pop by and ask nicely. Think we’re OK with the planer at the moment – hopefully only a couple more doors to do which we expect to do in the next week. x


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