Summer is tiring

This year, we’ve enjoyed our summer so far as we’ve seen friends, drank a lot of pimms, BBQ’d a few times, been to festivals and celebrated weddings, but we haven’t had much ‘us’ or ‘me’ time. I’m trying to find just one day to head to the beach and take my kayak out but the days are just running away from us. Trying to balance renovating a house, working, eating (general surviving) and still having a healthy social life is hard!

Anyway, we’ve made some good progress since my last post. Before I forget as well, yes that was a photo of the bathroom door in my last blog. We were without a bathroom door for almost a month. To say we are comfortable with each other as a couple now is an understatement.

Last weekend we hung the door into the kitchen which has completely framed the two rooms and looks great. Best bit? It didn’t need painting! (It’s the simple things in life). So we’ve got two more of the beautiful white, already-painted Jen Wold glass panelled doors to hang (FYI: purchased from Wayfair) and only 2 other doors left to hang. It can’t take that long, right? (Although we’ll gladly accept any offers for someone to do it for us. We can repay with tea and cake as we have no ‘proper’ money left. See below).

We’ve given up on the driveway and are going to bite the bullet and pay someone to finish it for us, for our backs and times sakes. But we’ve finished re-fitting the door bars and have painted the utility room this week and are starting to get the small jobs ticked off, like changing plug sockets and poly-fillering marks on the wall where necessary.

As it’s still summer, we’re having yet another non-DIY weekend now. I shouldn’t complain; I can’t wait for V-Festival tomorrow and Tom’s got a great opportunity to play Futsal in Wales on Sunday, but a part of me just REALLY wants to get those damn doors fitted…


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