DIY · How to?

This weather though!

Just when we thought the British Summer was over as torrential rain poured down last week, suddenly we’re basking in 27degreesC.  What better weather for a bit of DIY?!

Being the DIY enthusiast I am, I wouldn’t actually normally mind spending my long weekend (literally, thanks to another UK Bank Holiday, hallelujah) finishing DIY tasks around the house.  But, as seems to be the theme at the moment, we’re now another weekend behind doing much at all and with no real hope of getting back on track.

Last week I was away with work for the whole week, so naturally Tom was left with a long list of jobs to fulfil, aside from the usual; washing, washing up, general tidying, bathroom clean, bins out…

Tom made good progress and left the house in a reasonably clean state for when I returned on Friday evening.  I wasn’t best pleased that he’d painted half the chrome door handles as well as the doors themselves and not swept the dirt on the kitchen floor (without wanting to be sexist, is attention to detail, maybe just ‘house-related’, not something that men have an eye for?!), but I couldn’t exactly get grumpy at him as he was half way to Wales for a stag do (clever Tom).

The weekend was mostly a write off for more DIY as I’m supposed to be laid up and resting my foot.  To cut a long story short, the steroid injection that I had for pain in the ball of my right foot back in April wore off and for a couple of months now the pain has progressively worsened, to the point that I couldn’t really walk last week.  I’ve been referred for orthotics although I’m not sure this is the answer as my condition has worsened significantly since I saw my consultant almost 2 weeks ago.  So in the meantime, I’m resting my foot as much as possible and icing every few hours.

We did make some progress though as my lovely mum decided to come and sort our garden out on Saturday (thanks Mum!!), I managed to help out with a few weeds whilst sitting on the grass and some of the less manual tasks such as wiping down the back door which was covered in plaster remnants from way back when.

When Tom arrived back absolutely shattered on Sunday evening, I set him to work on finishing a few jobs being the lovely fiancé I am (he knew this would happen before he asked so I say it’s his own fault!).  We put some pictures up in the third bedroom, secured the bookcase to the wall and laid some sheet vinyl to cover the wood effect (I totally recommend doing this if you want to cheaply transform a surface.  We used the vinyl to cover the work surface in the utility room – pictures to follow – Vinyl purchased from Wilko, £5 a roll.  We used one roll for the third room, see below).

Monday morning and we spent our first bank holiday hours changing plug sockets and light switches, cleaning window frames in the living room and setting up the dining room before heading (or maybe I should say hobbling) to London for the afternoon.

No one room is perfect yet, but these pictures make me super happy that we’re making some proper progress now, one small step at a time (literally for me)…


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