All the gear

… no idea? Half the time I do wonder. Is that how you put it together? Do we need a bigger wrench? What wire do we need to buy? Where do we buy it? (Thank god for Google!)

But most of the time we do actually have everything we need, we just can’t find it. I wrote a post a few months ago about losing our bright orange pliers. Since then, we’ve lost our bright yellow drill, bright green tape measure, bright red wall plugs and so much more, all because we have so much DIY ‘stuff’ that it ends up just getting dumped in a box somewhere or slid underneath a piece of furniture accidentally.

Just to clarify, we don’t intentionally buy bright coloured DIY tools or materials, it just seems that they’re all made like that! Maybe it’s a tactic of manufacturers to get you to buy their product or it’s a clever ‘you won’t lose me’ idea?

So, after months of losing and finding tools and as we’re nearing the end of our project (obviously that’s the most sensible time, after you’ve spent weeks searching for certain items…) I decided to tidy our tool box.

About an hour later, hungry and tired, we’d restocked the box and gotten rid of half a black bin bag of rubbish.

Firstly, it feels good to know where (almost) everything is! Secondly, I learnt the following:
– We have far too many Allen keys accumulated from years of buying and building flat pack furniture.
– We have 100’s of different sized screws, but none of them are ever the ‘right’ size for the job.
– We have enough picture hooks to hang about 50 photos which we don’t and probably never will have.
– We have 4 hammers but I’m not sure where 2 of them came from.
– We have enough standard drill bits for 100 people to be working on a job (if they all bought their own drill). Imagine how quickly you could build flat pack furniture!
– We have about 10 different fuses, but god knows if they are new. Is there a way you can tell, or is it just trial and error? So I’ve kept them…

Thirdly, this now means that we need to tackle the 4 DIY boxes of materials and electric tools in the shed…


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