The best feeling

Today I left the house for work and didn’t have to walk half way down the road to find the car. Even when I realised I’d forgotten my coat after Tom had locked up, it wasn’t any hassle to go back in and get it and the 10 second turnaround meant that for once I actually turned up 5 minutes early for my train and didn’t have to hobble my way through the ‘queue’ to get a seat.

In hindsight we probably should have completed this job much earlier in the project. All those times we lugged jumbo paint pots, heavy wood planks and all the food shops down the road and we could’ve had it much easier, right on our doorstep. I guess at the time it just seemed that the house itself was a bigger priority and it probably was. Having to walk 60 metres to get to the house was a small price to pay to get the house turned around quicker and to a ‘dust free’ state.

Yes, we ended up paying a lot more to get the driveway professionally finished. I think that’s true of every job though, if you want it done properly and quickly, it’s going to cost.

We could have spent weeks digging out the driveway by hand, laying the type 1 MOT, hiring a compactor, laying the membrane and then sourcing and spreading the gravel. But in reality, we paid just over £1,400 to have the driveway dug out, soil removed, type 1 MOT bought in and compacted, properly levelled and the the stone sourced and delivered for a trade price.  All we had to do was lay the membrane and spread the gravel (which is actually harder than it sounds, especially on one leg – video to follow). And it was all completed in 2 days.

With only 3 doors to hang, 3 metres of coving to fit, a few fence panels to paint and about 20 ‘snagging’ jobs, the end is definitely in sight now. And Tom even mentioned trying his hand at some carpentry and building a coffee table when we finish the house jobs. Who even is this man I live with?!

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(More photos and before/after video to follow soon!)


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