How to waste a Friday evening

I’m writing this sat on the pink stool in the kitchen surrounded by plaster coving remnants and a heck of a lot of sawdust. It’s gotten pretty cold outside so we had to come in so now I’m also clogging up my lungs with all of this crap! Happy days. Can you tell I’m in a good mood? And that that was sarcastic? Mmm.

So it’s 8pm on a Friday night and living it up as we normally do, we decided to crack on and get the coving cut and the penultimate door planed.

Well, after attempting to plane the door, we realised that the planer blade was blunt in the middle (it might also explain why the previous door took so long to plane and was wonky at first, oops) so we had to stop. Considering our options we thought rather than waste an hour round trip to Screwfix and it be too late to actually use the planer when we got back, we’d go tomorrow first thing when it opens at 7am. Perfect.

So we made the decision to start the coving and that’s when it all went downhill and I ended up sat here, sad and defeated. I think it’s more disappointment in myself than anything and yes, excuses excuses, but I’m going to put it down to a lack of food today (I’m useless at remembering to feed myself when I’m on my own so working from home is the worst for my stomach!) and tiredness.

I thought cutting coving would be easy. This was our second attempt. The first was about 3 months ago and we a) realised we’d bought the wrong sized coving and b) couldn’t figure out how it worked so postponed. Moral of the story: never put a tough job off, it doesn’t make it any easier when you actually come to deal with it! Like most things in life.

I feel like I shouldn’t have walked out of that A level maths taster session all those years ago. Maybe all the maths angles and stuff would’ve come in use. Don’t you wish you got taught useful things at school, like how to do mitre cuts on coving? I’ve got skirting nailed but when it comes to coving, I can’t figure it out for love nor money, and neither could Tom for a while. No number of YouTube videos, google images or professionals websites could help us either, which was surprising (maybe we’re just stupid? Oh god!).

As I gave up caring and lost the will, cursed (a lot) and slipped into a heap on the floor, thankfully my knight in shining armour figured it out after an hour of trial and error and wasting 2 planks of coving (but that’s ok because he figured it out and that’s a hell of a lot cheaper than having to pay someone to come and do it for us). And doesn’t make us look as stupid.

So I’m a mixture of emotions right now; happy that we’ve got most of the cuts made, annoyed that we have now run out of coving and need to buy more, sad that I couldn’t solve it and frustrated that it feels like we got no where tonight.

If anyone wants to volunteer to finish this for us, you’re more than welcome… 🙂


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