Toms found his calling in life

Carpentry. Well so he tells me. Maybe not the delicate side of carpentry, but definitely cutting and planing wood and getting it right. Yes, I’ll admit he’s been pretty handy recently with the planer, our new jigsaw and the mitre box. He won’t let me, or anyone else for that matter, forget that he’s the ‘King of coving’ after last Fridays debacle.

I can’t wait for the next time we have guests over and he asks them to comment on the coving and how great it looks (well hopefully it will when it’s finished). Don’t mind what I’ve done in the house Tom! 🙂

So after his ‘manly’ weekend with all the power tools we’re now only one ‘big’/’main’ job away from crossing our finish line. Perfect!

Just going back to the manly, power tool point; if you’ve ever seen the scene in the film Magic Mike and wondered what it’d be like in reality, well quite frankly it’s nothing like you’d expect. Shirt off, power tool in hand, music on and one foot securing the workbench, it sounds good but having witnessed my other half try and perfect the look first hand and occasionally getting a sweaty smell drifting across the room, I can assure you, as they say… it’s not like the movies!

If the above isn’t a good enough image, add in this next Oscar award winning scene; the one where Tom realised he’d actually sawn through the door AND the work bench itself, nice one Tom. The dramatic ‘Pony’ dance scene is suddenly a comedy / horror show and I’m half laughing hysterically and half can’t believe what I’m seeing and not in a good way. Partly for the fact that I’m somehow going to have to explain to my dad that he’s going to receive his work bench back in two halves now. And this is probably the medium through which he’ll find out, when my mum reads this and passes on the message. Sorry dad. Call me when this gets to you. Lots of love.

I love my other half but watching him in his ‘manly’ element is more like watching an excitably tired and sweaty kangaroo try and complete a 10 mile obstacle run while his legs are tied together; pulling some funny faces as he tries to figure out how to overcome the ‘obstacles’, grinning just a tad too much when he succeeds and occasionally tripping over (mentally and physically). It’s a little bit humorous to watch but definitely not the eye candy I was expecting.

That being said, if he gets he job done, I don’t care how he does it, he still wins brownie points from me!

Unless you want to come and help out with the DIY Channing?



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