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The most productive day

I genuinely can’t think of a day where we’ve been so productive in the house. It probably wasn’t actually the most productive day, but yesterday it felt like it was because we actually finished some rooms!

After forcing Tom out of bed at 8am (that’s a lie in, he can’t complain!), we set to work on finishing the living/dining room. Having put up the final picture and mirror on Friday evening, there was only really tidying and some minor paint re-touches left to do. As with everything, it took longer than we thought but we got there by 10am and moved on to the hallway and the upstairs bedrooms.

To finish the other rooms didn’t actually entail much DIY. Alike the living room, there were a couple of mirrors to hang and some pieces of furniture that required a fresh lick of paint, but in the main we spent Saturday morning sorting through boxes and bags full of shopping receipts, general rubbish, old magazines and random beauty products that we have just been moving between rooms, pushing into the most convenient corners, so we didn’t have to sort through them. The kind of boxes that you eventually realise you have to sort through and think it won’t take long or be so boring but it takes you at least 15 minutes just to empty it the contents of each box and you’re left with 10 piles of ‘stuff’ to put in various places around the house after, which takes equally as long.

Before lunch we finally sorted out moving the old shaver socket wire from the bathroom and isolating this safely and put the final boxes (of yes, more ‘stuff’) in the loft. Having bought a vacuum last week we blitzed the house in 10 minutes, fluffing the carpets back to their new pretty state, eradicating all of the piles of leftover sawdust, small nails and bits of plastic that had accumulated.

Unfortunately Channing hasn’t yet turned up to help with the DIY but in an an unusual twist as we finished by sorting the kitchen yesterday afternoon, Tom took to scrubbing the floor on his hands and knees – he makes for a good Cinderella!

We’ve now only got one door left to hang (it might take some work, I’ll explain another day..) and some snagging bits in the bathroom and kitchen left to do and then we’ll be done.

No it’s not perfect, there’s marks on the walls in places, some furnishings aren’t the most luxurious nor match in places and we need some more accessories, but working mostly with what we had already from our first home and on a budget, I’m really happy with where we’ve got to right now. 🙂

So, if you’ve read all of the above, I hope you’re now as excited as I am to share these initial pictures with you. This has felt like a long time coming (how are we in October already?!) but seeing everything come together now is the icing on the cake and the best feeling.

For anyone who hasn’t read my blog before, the first photos below were taken when we started renovating in February 2017.

Videos to follow (quite soon now!)

Hayley x




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