Lets do this

Get on and get it done.  That’s the plan.

It’s been a long and tiring week for both of us and we haven’t finished any of the snagging jobs and we’ve still got that one pesky door to hang, but for the first time in a long time, we’ve actually got a whole free weekend.

I can’t remember if I wrote last time about the fence painting issue, but that’s one we’ll also be tackling this weekend, along with finishing the bathroom and kitchen (minor jobs – we hope, as always!).  I purchased two tins of Cuprinol fence paint in their Silver Birch colour.  We have about 10 fence panels so I knew it wasn’t going to cover the lot but I expected more than just one panel out of it.  And this paint isn’t cheap!

In short, the fences were stained already in an orang-ey colour.  We wanted to relatively cheaply and quickly modernise the garden and give it a bit of colour.  Yes, I’m aware that the orange is more of a true ‘colour’ than grey ever will be and it’s not the most vibrant or stark, but we used a grey Cuprinol paint at our last house and the contrast between that and the green grass was brilliant.  A quick google will show you just how great this can look.

So, having purchased two expensive pots of the stuff, whilst Tom worked his carpentry magic, I set to work painting the fence.  The problem was that because the fence was already orange and the Cuprinol paint was VERY watery (maybe I bought a dodgy pot?!), the paint effectively did nothing and three test coats later and it wasn’t making a massive difference at all.  Now we just have one odd looking orangey-grey fence panel amongst a sea of green grass and surrounding orange panels with grey sheds at the end.  Sounds wonderful doesn’t it.  So that’s why it’s an absolute must to try and sort it out this weekend.

DIY tip for everyone else; don’t learn the hard way, paint your already orange stained fences in a much darker colour and not with the small cuprinol 2.5l pots of paint as they’re very watery.  The paint is much more suited to fences that haven’t been previously painted (unless you want to sand down each already painted panel).  We’ll be using the same paint as we did for the sheds now which is the Cupriol Ducksback Silver Copse and I’ll let you know how we get on.

Aside from that, if it all goes well, you can be sure our local estate agents will be getting a call early next week.  And then a whole other level of stress begins…


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