DIY · Project Financing

That’s a wrap!

We’ve bought the last of our DIY required materials, one large pot of Cuprinol Ducksback Silver Copse (to fix the fence situation) and there’s just the final updating of the spreadsheet to do now, before we can total up and compare against our budget (not sure if I’m looking forward to that yet or not..).

Last weekend was no where near as productive as I’d have liked. Both of us were struck down with a crappy cold, me worse than Tom, so I spent most of Saturday curled up under a blanket, head spinning and nose sniffling. Lush.

The positive was that bearing in mind we were both feeling about 10% of our usual selves, we Tom actually still got a lot done. No we didn’t finish everything, but we got most snagging jobs done.

For the first time since we revamped it, the bathroom had its first proper deep clean. I’m talking scrubbing the remaining grout off of the tiles, polyfillering small areas, re-grouting in places, removing umpteen empty shampoo bottles and scraping limescale off of the shower screen (anyone else have stubborn limescale issues and have any tips how to combat it easily? My mum used to use a spray but I’d always forget to do it straight after using the shower).

We also hung the final door to the third bedroom after basically taking it apart, cutting it down to size and piecing it back together. We very nearly gave up and bought a custom made door but thankfully perseverance and a bit of use of initiative got us through and I don’t think you’d actually notice it’s now mostly a polyfilled door rather than wood one.  We haven’t botched it don’t worry!! Just one of the joys of living in the most irregular house there is and being a 1950’s mid terrace it’s not exactly the type of house you would expect to be mis-matched in many ways.

Even though we aren’t quite finished, I still rang some estate agents yesterday and we have three booked in for valuations on Wednesday. I don’t think we’ll ever be ‘finished’, we never were in our old house, so I think once you get to a certain stage you just have to force yourself onto the next. Yes, we’ll finish painting the fence and other snagging jobs before we put the house on the market but I’m glad we’re starting the next process!

Anyway, the point is, I think we’re done,  from a budgetary, buying perspective which must mean that we’ll run out of jobs to do soon, right?

Have a great week all!



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