The not-so-interesting stuff

Can I bottle this moment?

I’m not one for PDA, soppy social media statuses or generally sharing my relationship emotions, highs and lows, but after the weekend we’ve just had, my heart is so full and I just feel so happy so this blog post is mostly going to capture that! Don’t worry, obviously there was still some DIY involved in our weekend and I’ll come on to that!

Yesterday evening though, we had our engagement party at a lovely pub near my parents house.  Having been to a friends engagement party only two weeks prior, we were really hyped about it but equally a little bit nervous.  Have we forgotten invitees? Will people actually turn up? Is it the right venue? Have we ordered enough buffet food? And always my main worry, how much is this going to cost? Yes, it was an expensive evening but hey I guess that’s a good taster for what the wedding will be like.  They say you spend your life savings for one day mostly for the enjoyment of all of your guests, right? 🙂

Anyway, after a mini-meltdown on Saturday afternoon due to decorations taking longer than expected to put up, I managed to cobble together a quick curled hair do and slap some make up on in 30 minutes.  We arrived at the pub just as our first guests were arriving and shortly after I was much calmer, prosecco in hand!

Seeing everyone slowly pile into our half of the pub – Tom’s friends, my friends and both of our families including godparents, aunties, uncles and grandparents, it was so lovely.  If you’ve ever hosted a similar style party you’ll know how hard it is to speak to everyone and I actually remember saying to one of my friends that I was exhausted at only 8pm! But I think we ‘worked the room’ well and got to chat to everyone.  It was equally as lovely to look around and see everyone mingling; uni friends chatting to school friends chatting to work colleagues and family.

The food was prompt and went down a storm (it’s always a worry so we were super happy that it all got eaten!), the toast was a laugh as it should be and the cake had raving reviews, so all in all it was pretty successful.

Having arrived home today with 5 big bags and other boxes full of gifts, we’ve a) made our house a complete mess now! but b) just feel so overwhelmed with the love from everyone.  So this is a public and massive thank you for everyone making last night so special for us! Roll on the wedding…… in a year and a half, ha!

In other news, whilst today has been non-existent on the DIY snagging front, we did paint half of the fence last Friday evening/Saturday morning and cleared out the shed which was a long overdue job and I now feel much better about it!

Lots to fill you in on last week including all things valuations and estate agents (!), but for now, takeaway pizza and a cheesy movie calls!



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