Moving House

On the market

Here we go, again!

After a minor delay due to a change of some of the photos, we’re all listed on our agents website and on Rightmove. Fingers crossed this is the start of a smooth and quick process… oh who am I kidding, why are we doing this again?!

We don’t even know if we will sell our place yet! It feels like a very real and complicated version of monopoly with all of the usual tantrum and board throwing expected along the way… setting the price at the right value to attract viewers – do you go for market value, a low ball ‘offers in excess of’ or a high ball with view to accepting lower offers? You’ve got to keep the house pristine at all times for ‘just in case’ viewings. You’ve got to play along and go view other properties and make some pretty serious decisions as well. Then there’s negotiating on all parts; price, agent commission, fixtures, fittings, survey particulars, completion date. Yikes.

Truth be told I actually quite enjoy this part, having said that we haven’t had a really bad experience yet (totally will now!). However nervous I am about selling or not selling or a sale falling through, I am quietly excited. Excitedly nervous? Actually, shipping my pants.

It’s made all the better when after only being on the market for 1 day, we’ve got 2 viewings booked for tomorrow. It’s quite fulfilling to know that other people might like what we’ve done with the place, just a teeny bit anyway. And of course buyers will come in and put their stamp on it but we’ve given them the blank canvas so it makes all the work we’ve been doing the past few months worthwhile.

Now to enjoy a Friday night of final panicky snagging jobs before tomorrow’s viewings. Did I mention that we’re also making a second viewing on a property we like this weekend (just the small issue of a crack in one of the walls…) AND looking after my parents dog. Praying that it doesn’t rain as muddy paws and beige carpets will not end well.

Have a great weekend!


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