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Fri-yay and another video…

Another day of work, another viewing and another viewing.  No, I’m not going mad or repeating myself for the fun of it, today we had a viewing on our property and went to view another potential #project2 ourselves.  Branching out even further, we thought we’d tie in a visit to a property just outside of Winchester on our way down to Bournemouth for the weekend.   Quick summary: lovely area, nice property but probably a little too far out for both of us for commuting  (it was in the middle of no where, at least 10 minutes to the motorway/station) and not enough margin to make it worth it.

The viewing on our place supposedly went well but time will tell – fingers crossed we get a more realistic offer soon.  I’m stressed out already…! My, lets call it ‘rather stressed emotional week’, probably wasn’t helped by Tom, who decided to flood the bathroom at 6am on Tuesday morning and then not tell me.  I was working in the dining room later that morning – bear in mind that we were expecting the agent round to do another viewing at 11am – and noticed that the ceiling was a different colour in part of the kitchen.  Cue mild panic and text to Tom that “we’ve got a leak”, “sh*t, we’ve got a leak”.

His response.  It basically said, “Oh, don’t worry, we haven’t… that was me this morning.”

Actually, to give you a real picture of the situation, here’s the screenshots of the text exchange, censored of course…


Yep, he just buggered off to Manchester and didn’t tell me. No words! 🙂 It’s still not sorted – it turns out that even when it’s dried, water stains are ridiculously difficult to get rid of so each time we have a viewing I’ve been frantically painting it about an hour before and hoping that the colour doesn’t show through.  We did pre-warn our agent though, just in case someone does question it.  I bet they wouldn’t believe his story though… ‘Oh, don’t worry one of the owners just had a faux pas with the shower and flooded the bathroom’.  That sounds legit.  I know I wouldn’t believe it.  So, moral of the story and lesson of the week… if we don’t sell the house I’ve got a reason to blame Tom :).

To brighten up the start of the weekend, I’ve finished another of our transformation videos so here’s the link for you to enjoy – Master Bedroom Makeover – Youtube hayleyshomediy. This one’s the master bedroom which actually didn’t take much effort (I wouldn’t have said that at the time!), basically just one weekend in all, but the transformation was so refreshing.

Enjoy your fireworks filled weekends!x

P.s. little extra story for you.  Tom also flooded the bathroom in our last house.  He has a habit of turning the shower on, walking out of the bathroom, the shower falls off the hook and sprays everywhere.  Does this mean I’m to expect a third flood in the next place? Send help…



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