Got my DIY fix 🙂

Even though I’m resigned to sitting a lot because of what I’m calling #footgate, I still got my DIY fix last weekend. After travelling down to Bournemouth after the house viewing on Friday and a yummy brunch catch up with friends on Saturday morning, we popped over to Toms brothers new place to be nosey say hi and, after a quick trip to Wilko to pick up some DIY essentials, we helped (I sat and did my best questioning and directing at Tom) them change what I can only describe as the worlds biggest and unnecessary satellite, alien dish style light fitting.  It means that they now have a small, average sized ceiling rose and light shade and can walk through their living room without clattering into it. Voila. The pictures definitely don’t do it’s industrial size justice.


So, #footgate is going to take some more months (yes, months) to heal and it does get me down, but I’m determined not to let it stop me doing at least some of what I enjoy. Whether that means going to a fireworks display and taking a granny camping stool with me to perch on (or sink into mud evidently…), or sit directing Tom doing jobs (no change some would say), I’m making do!

I’m also glad that even though we’ve finished our place (apart from the jobs-that’ll-always-be-there) I can still get involved in some good ole home DIY before we move on to the next place. Watch out guys, I’ll be coming to re-tile your bathroom before you know it! Might need some help with the high ones though…

What’s that saying…you can take the DIY away from the girl but you can’t take the girl away from DIY? 🙈


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