Moving House

Back-to-back house hunting

Today has mostly been a lazy day of doing sweet nothing.  I hate doing nothing, but given the situation with #footgate and lack of DIY, we’re back to basically being a normal couple, enjoying normal weekends.  This weekend however, we haven’t caught up with any friends or family but instead, drank champagne on our own and went to bed at 10pm both nights.  Can anyone else relate?  Couple goals of 2017…!

Despite the weekend overall being quite chilled, we have still been pretty productive, starting with Tom taking the final bin bags to the tip on Friday afternoon (they’ve been accumulating in our back garden for a couple of weeks now thanks to us forgetting to put the bins out on ‘bin day’. We also can’t store them out the front of the house because, lets face it, it wouldn’t look great to potential buyers driving past!).

Saturday morning we were out of the house by 8:55am and heading to the first of 6 viewings we’d block booked.  Over the past couple of weeks we’ve narrowed down the search to two areas but in one of them there isn’t an awful lot on the market, price and ‘style’ wise i.e. in need of modernisation or with potential to extend.  So, area number 2 has now been our focus.  We booked to see 7 very different properties (from 2 bed terraces to 4 bed detached), each with very different levels of modernisation required but, as always, we didn’t know an awful lot before we got to each of them – one wasn’t even on the market yet so we hadn’t been able to snoop online at the pictures (having said that, even the agent said that it wouldn’t photograph well given the state it is in!).

We only got to view 6 of the properties we’d booked in for as one of them had already gone under offer – having only been on the market 2 days, crazy! I thought the market had slowed/ people weren’t in as much as a rush to buy at the moment but apparently not for certain properties.  Anyway, we weren’t that bothered about that house so it wasn’t the end of the world.

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Of the 6 we did see (above…), one of them was far too small (we only booked a viewing to sort of reaffirm to ourselves that we don’t want a house like that.  It was almost identical to our first house; a 2 bed, 1 bath end of terrace property that only needed a little modernisation and wouldn’t be ‘worth it’ from an investment perspective.

One of them was an interesting house and I mean interesting in a weird way.  They’d built an extension over the garage but the floor height was lower than the rest of the upstairs so you had to step down into the bedroom – odd, and there were some questionable office style glass blocks between the hallway and garage for no obvious reason.  Despite it’s quirkiness, it was the location that didn’t really do it for us on that one.

Another was in a slightly different area and if the house had blown us away we probably would have come to like the area a bit more however a) I’ve never seen so much mould – the house obviously had some serious damp problems and you wouldn’t have been able to live there to start off with and b) well, it just didn’t feel right.

Of the last 3, we actually liked all of them but they were all very different again:

  1. Period cottage, original features, 3 bed terrace with rear extension potential but requires complete renovation throughout and has a big damp problem as well!
  2. ‘Triangle’ house, 2 bed, habitable, beautiful location, massive potential to completely demolish and build a new 4-5 bed property with great resale value.
  3. A 40-ish year old detached 3 bed on a desirable cul-de-sac with potential to modernise throughout and extend into a 4 bed.  You could move into it straight away – it’s been well looked after and modernised in part already.

We did what we had previously done when house hunting in ‘blocks’ and we each wrote notes on our phone about each property after the viewing, not discussing any until we’d finished them all.  Having narrowed it down to the above 3, we had a lot of positives and negatives to discuss and now needed to seriously consider each of them on their own merits.

So that was our fun Saturday afternoon/evening, spreadsheet filling and profit calculating the potential of each property.  We got through it all, washing it down with the champagne I mentioned earlier (so I may need to double check the figures tomorrow) but I think we’ve agreed on what we want to do going forward so, watch this space!



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