Moving House

Weekend turnaround

Just like that and literally overnight, it seems that situations can turn themselves around.  Financial situations to the tune of £5,000 and not being so far away from purchasing the Mayfair of the monopoly board in our case.

After putting the idea of getting ‘that house’ to bed on Friday, we woke Saturday ready to enjoy the weekend but not expecting much movement in the way of house offers as we only had one viewing scheduled.  But not long before 10am we received a call from our agent who confirmed that the couple really interested in the property had managed to source an additional £5k to bring their offer up. That being said, it was still 2.5k short of our ‘buy it now’ price. We’re not desperate, nor stupid enough to sell our home for less than it’s worth and granted, when we moved in back in February, the agent suggested that the level we’re selling at now was where they expected it to be, so I’m happy it hasn’t gone below that given the current market, however we set our minimum and weren’t going to budge.


We’d floated the idea of deducting what we couldn’t get on ours from ‘that house’ with their agent and whilst they didn’t confirm it would be accepted, they seemed pretty confident.  Low and behold and actually much to our surprise, they accepted our offer below our original one and suddenly come Saturday evening we’re on our way to owning a 19thC 3 bed, 4 storey mid terrace property, with a serious damp problem, potential wood rot (I really hope not!), an outside toilet, broken window and single glazed windows thrown in for good measure.

We’ve accepted the offer on our house and today is the Monday our lives get that bit more challenging as we’ll look to instruct a solicitor and schedule a full building survey. I wouldn’t say I’m excited yet, in fact I’m actually shi**ing myself in anticipation of what the survey report is going to say but I’m hopeful we scouted out the major problems on our two visits and nothing too scary will come up now.

Fingers, toes and everything crossed!



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