The not-so-interesting stuff


Clicking that button on this site has just been a struggle for me the past couple of weeks, hence the radio silence.  Even opening notes on my phone to jot down some house thoughts or just anything, hasn’t happened.  Until now, to state the obvious.

Why? I can’t put my finger on it but it’s probably a combination of a number of things going on which feel like they are weighing me down, not least the house move and #footgate.  My head has felt heavy, I’m still in pain every time I stand up and quite frankly I’m just a bit fed up.  It’s OK though, my glass is now half full rather than empty and I’m ready to enjoy all that December’s got to give :).  But, before I do (and before I start getting back to the point of this blog again), I want to share some of my thoughts from the past couple of weeks.

I think it’s easy to paint a rosy picture on social media (blogging included) of an exciting life, one to be envious of perhaps, but that’s not me at all, I like to be true to myself when I share, so when I’m feeling blue I’ll just switch off to the world.  Yes, I might still Insta-story a little too much and post some occasional happy moments, but all the in-between moments which are normally ‘pretty average’, day-to-day life, have felt incredibly long and colourless the past couple of weeks.

I realise I’m digressing from the whole ‘home DIY’ aspect here, but I’ve come to enjoy blogging as a means of sharing my feelings (normally positive, I hope!) and I think that’s really important and often forgotten, as we all go about our routinely autonomous lives.  I used to bottle up all of my emotions and then once or twice a year, I’d have a have a 1-day-emotion-festival, a horrible concoction of every feeling under the sun would erupt, with Tom usually having to bear the brunt of it.  I’m still learning, but I’m becoming much more honest with myself and emotions and dealing with them as they manifest themselves, so I can work through them and become a better person. In reality what this normally means is that if I’m feeling sad, angry, stressed etc…I’ll sit in silence for 10 – 30 minutes, before Tom asks what’s wrong and then I’ll share.  We actually make a joke of it if I tell him what I’m feeling before he asks, I’m like a kid who’s just received a gold star for not throwing a tantrum.  It’s a start right…? 🙂

One thing I have started doing which I think is really helping and has definitely helped me get out of this two-week ‘rut’, is listening to some positive podcasts, starting with The Balanced Blonde.  I stumbled across this podcast via Jessica Olie’s Instagram page – someone who I’ve followed for a while and used her e-book to teach me yoga at home.  Jessica had spoken with Jordan (The Balanced Blonde) about some pretty personal stuff and it was such an interesting listen and even though the life experiences they were talking about are very different to mine, I felt much more positive after listening to it.  One of the best takeaways I took was something that Jessica said;


“Everyone is always working through something”  


Quite literally, what I’m working through at the moment (alongside writing this blog) is signing our mortgage agreement documents and getting them ready to post, following the contract going back to our solicitors yesterday.  Since my last blog, not much has changed apart from we’re now in the process of obtaining lots of quotes for the new place so we can start to budget down to the nitty gritties.

We’ve booked to go back to the property on Saturday to measure up, check everything works (heating, electrics etc…) and take lots of photos (!!) so I’ll hopefully have something more interesting than just-another-boring-blog to share with you after :).

Time to go listen to another podcast now…

Image result for you got this



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