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Go go go

After the perfect Friday evening sipping mulled wine, exchanging Christmas presents and playing board games with my girl friends (we are so mature grown up old!), on Saturday we went to visit the new house again.  I feel comfortable enough through the process now to call it ‘the next one’, ‘project 2’ or whatever else that insinuates it will definitely be ours.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still panicky that everything could fall out of place and we haven’t been without our doubts on both our sale and purchase so far.  But, our solicitors have been working hard and Saturday gave us some confidence that we might have chosen the right project.

Arriving at 11am, we had about two minutes to say hi to the estate agent (a familiar face after now 3 repeat trips… we’re not easy buyers this time) before the first of 3 tradesmen turned up to discuss quotes.  This time it was a windows company, builder and roofer and tomorrow we’ll be getting an electrician (or two…), another builder, window company and a damp company in to advise and quote.

So, whilst I chatted and measured up with the windows & doors company, Tom discussed our plans and work potentially needing done on the basement beam replacement, roof works and kitchen extension.  On the up side, the roof looks like it doesn’t need as much work as we’d budgeted for.  That being said, we had budgeted for the ‘worst case scenario’ of needing an entirely new roof.

We should get an idea of cost for the rest of the major works later this week and, whilst we’ll only probably have one proper quote for each major bit of work, it’s a start and gives us a good idea if we’ve budgeted adequately or not.  Fingers crossed we have…

Then comes the joy of booking in tradesmen in busy early January, once we’ve exchanged and can commit.  Equally, trying to time placing orders on things like windows and doors, where you have to pay an upfront deposit of usually 20% and then it takes 6-8 weeks from order to delivery/installation… It’s not a quick process when everything is made to measure!

I think that, regardless of the chaos and stress of the whole process, what last weekend showed us most was that we are both as excited and as committed to this project and making it work (whether that means we have to eat off a camping stove for 3 months whilst the extension is being built, or not eat at all depending on how we finance it…).

I’m still pretty scared of the scale of what we’re taking on for our project #2. If you’d asked me a few months ago I would’ve suggested a similar property to the one we’ve just refurbed; a purpose built home requiring modernisation, not completely gutting and extending.  People have been asking if the damp ridden, single glazed, leaky toilet (add in an outside one as well for extra Victorian measure), lagging roof, leaning chimney, unstructurally sound rotting wooden beam and questionable electrical wiring make the house habitable. The answer is yes it’s habitable (it has to be, we have no other option) but it’s not going to be comfortable and we’ll be living and moving our lives around tradesmen for the first few weeks. Some jobs are too big for us to take on!

We will be putting as much as possible into storage aka parents garages for a couple of months, to ease the amount of ‘shifting’ that needs to be done in the house, especially as I still can’t do much/ walk far, so lugging boxes between 4 floors probably isn’t going to happen.  (Thanks mums and dads…. this is our pretty please ask to store a few boxes in the new year! Call it an early Christmas present…)

Back to the point, we tag teamed it on Saturday and through all the work we took on in our current house, so if we can do that, I’m sure we can up our game for the next one.  Yes, There’ll undoubtedly be more days where Tom finds me sat on the stairs crying over a door frame or days where we both get hangry and lose our cool (hopefully not in front of the future in-laws for me this time. They’ve seen a different side to me now…), but we’re  working hard to make it work around everything else, #footgate included.

It’s all go go go now!

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P.s it snowed here on Saturday which naturally, makes everything better for 12 hours (before it turns to ice), so here’s to a good rest of the week and some snowy photos because, why not.




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