Moving House

And so the incompetent solicitors strike again.

Ok, that got your attention. Bit of a lie, it’s not technically the solicitors but our buyers mortgage broker to be precise. Apparently (and I say that without confidence, because who can you trust these days. Sorry, Scrooge here today), their broker messed up and hasn’t forwarded some paperwork of sorts to the mortgage lender, so the moving process has grounded to a halt while that’s now fast tracked through. We’re ready to exchange, the seller of the property we are purchasing is ready however our buyer isn’t. And now it’s almost Christmas = almost inevitable a week and a half delay.

Whilst everything was bobbing along just fine, I did say before (here) that I didn’t expect it to all be plain sailing but, I did have some hope that it wouldn’t take us again to have to chase and find out that there’s a problem or delay, nor at such a late stage in the process. So, whilst we were almost ready to confirm an early Jan completion date, it now looks as though it’s going to be the week after (second week of Jan 2018). We’ve given our agent and our buyers solicitors until tomorrow to get back to us with a firm date to exchange (we’ve put a revised date to them and essentially if they disagree we’re going to kick off…… we don’t want this affecting our purchase and what on earth could possibly take them longer than 2.5 weeks to resolve.  They just have to set up a lenders survey and sign some paperwork…), so no more silly games or mistakes can be played or  made.

I said to Tom when we were discussing all of this last night that, wouldn’t it be easier to get all of the main parties involved in the moving process (solicitors, buyers, sellers, agents) in a ‘virtual’ room for a morning;  one negotiation after the other like a doctors waiting room to discuss and agree the particulars and therefore lay all cards and expectations (or lack of) out on the table at the outset. Obviously it wouldn’t work with massive chains and you’d have to have had the searches undertaken prior so any questions could be raised at the face-to-face/Skype shabang, but I swear it would make everyone’s lives easier and we wouldn’t be treading on eggshells, translating messengers messages and all the white lies and/or lack of actual willingness to move forward with the process. I’m obviously biased (and know that in reality someone’s probably already given it ago and it hasn’t worked & you’re not going to change the way the whole market does it blah blah blah), but I think it’s a great idea.

On a slightly more positive note, subject to us actually moving into the ‘new’ place, we’re starting to receive some quotes for the works now which is helping us put together a clear-ish picture of what we’re going to need to spend and how it stacks up against our budget.  I met several contractors at the property last Thursday and combined with our quotes from the previous weekend, we’re building a decent picture now and should be ready to instruct people as soon as we complete.

Last Thursday in itself was another story.  I turned up, on my own, awaiting the agent to let me in to the property at 11am.  They’ve been pretty good (always early) up until then, but apparently (that word again) the agent got stuck behind a crane being offloaded on his way to the property, so rather unfortunately I was stood outside at 11am with an Electrician and Windows contractor (who decided to turn up 15 minutes early), awkwardly making conversation about a local bridge being closed.  This lasted almost 15 minutes so I then had to run around the house flitting between the windows contractor and electrician, to discuss all the options.  One damp company and a builder later and I called the agent back to lock up and drove home, exhausted.  Tom can take one for the team next time…

P.s.  With Christmas just around the corner I’m going to have (hopefully) some more time, so stay tuned for another transformation video or two of our current place and some more update (or ranting) blogs. x



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