Moving House · The not-so-interesting stuff


Says the woman who religiously takes off one shoe on the mainline train (not TFL, that would be scummy) when commuting to and from work. I’ve had all the odd glares and stares now but I don’t care. I have a foot injury and it hurts to keep it in a shoe for a long time so I’ve gone with the one shoe off one on tactic.

At least I wasn’t the man parading up and down the train carriage last night, as drunk as Christmas parties allow you to get, hailing that this was his 7th ‘do’ this week and ‘am I on the right train, I don’t recognise anyone?’. It’s going really well for you mate.

Anyway, we’ve all been there, well I have, and actually probably worse than just stumbling up and down a train carriage, but that’s another story, DEFINITELY for another day… so, no judging. Last night for me though, was just the best! And even better, I didn’t wake up with a hangover because I only had one glass of vino.

As civilised as we get, discussing glasses and hearing loss (literally, who even are we?!), I caught up with some of my old school friends over dinner last night in London. It was just what I needed; no nonsense conversations about life and all its antics, constant giggles and a smile that hurt from grinning all evening. Top that off with a positive last day in the office and confirmation that our buyers are finally getting their sh+t together (well their mortgage broker has done the work now finally…) and we’re all back on track for an awesome Christmas and good start to 2018.

We’re back at the house this afternoon for some final quotes and this will probably be the last time before we exchange and maybe even complete, eek! Definitely don’t feel prepared for this yet, so it’s probably just as well we have a few more weeks to come to terms with living in a building site again (and in an even worse condition than we’ve ever lived in before). Oh and the small matter of fitting in all the Christmas festivities, 200 mile round trip in the UK, an overseas holiday and boxing up our worldly possessions again in the meantime.

When it’s put like that, I’m all grateful for the extra week we have now.


P.s. my feet and shoes do not smell. I wouldn’t do that to anyone, given the amount of bug bears I have about commuting myself!


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