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Christmas Eve special (incl. video)

Firstly, it’s Christmas Eve! Which means, quite literally, I’m as excited as a kid at Christmas.

I’m currently sat in front of the TV at the future in-laws, watching the second Christmas movie of the day.  We started with Miracle on 34th Street, a festive favourite of mine and now we’re on to Office Christmas Party.  The best part about Christmas is not feeling the need to do anything other than slump on the sofa, feast on all the bad foods and drink to your hearts content.  And even more acceptable is doing all of this from Christmas Eve Eve.

Dates have worked out really well this year, so rather than rushing home from work on Christmas Eve afternoon, we’ve had 2 days to acclimatise, wind down, start plumping up our holiday bodies (Christmas & for our trip away next week… all I can say is thank god we’re going somewhere cold that requires a LOT of thermals and layers to hide the blubber) and now we’re definitely ready for it and feeling super festive.  This year we’re at Tom’s parents and tonight will be the traditional (or not so for others…) Dominoes takeaway, probably followed by some pub drinks and midnight mass.  Tomorrow, we won’t be driving anywhere and will be fully embracing the flowing champagne, wine, baileys, G&T’s (and whatever else we can find or concoct), turkey dinner feast with all of the trimmings and cheese and biscuits in the evening.

And because I’m feeling so festive this year and pretty happy at the moment, I’m treating you to another transformation video as promised.  Don’t expect much, I edited this a while ago and just watched it back – there’s some unstable videoing, poor cross-fades between sections and all in all some shoddy filming/editing, but it’s Christmas Eve and I can’t be bothered to edit anymore, nor do I think I could improve it massively.  I’m sure if I gave it to my brother he’d work wonders with the footage I’ve got, but I don’t think he’d appreciate me asking him to do this over Christmas and I don’t want to delay sharing this any longer else I’ll never get round to sharing all of them before we move house.

This one (can be found by clicking here or on the picture below…) is of the second bedroom of our current home, a room that we started about 2 months after we’d moved in and turned around quite quickly.  It was the first room that we lining papered and as you’ll see, I did most of it as Tom was out for the day.  He pulled his weight though and ended up polyfillering all of the gaps and essentially correcting my work.  Whilst it was definitely cheaper than skimming and has still achieved that same look, if not smoother, it was a bloody nightmare and it put us off doing the other rooms.  It’s just a shame we didn’t learn our lesson there and then!  One thing’s for sure though, we won’t be lining papering in the ‘new place’ at all.

Learning from our mistakes, one project at a time…


Merry Christmas all and to all a goodnight! x



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