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Will they, won’t they?

Thanks hat’s what it feels like, a bloomin’ pantomime over here. Although nothing’s funny today.  This week has been a crazy concoction of highs and lows and I’m currently on a low, sat practically bashing the keyboard with every pitter patter – happy Friday :).  The only thing missing is a glass of wine.

Will they, won’t they though? It’s the question I’ve been asking myself all week.  Will they (our buyers) sign their mortgage offer quickly and return it to their solicitor? Will they (us) actually exchange today as planned? Will they (the seller of the place we’re buying) get fed up like we are and potentially pull out themselves?  There are so many questions and as the last couple of weeks have proved, nothing is simple and just as you think you are getting somewhere, something crops up stagnates the whole process.  I’ve had to rearrange the removal company 3 times (now I’ve just cancelled for the time being…), try and find alternate companies in case only certain dates are achievable, unboxed, re-boxed, googled a LOT and continued to eat all of the Christmas chocolate.  Sod healthy January.

Today though (and there’s no other way to explain this apart from…) sh*t hit the fan.   The contract paperwork was supposed to be all ready to date and we were due to exchange, as I think I mentioned in my last post.  However, a last minute conditional request from our buyers mortgage company meant that, after several to-ing and fro-ing emails, panicked calls and general stress levels higher than when I wrote a blog at 33,000ft (not that I was stressed then, in fact I’d much rather be there again now than sat here, but that’s not the point. Essentially, through the roof and high into the sky), we came to a stalemate where we have seriously considered just throwing the towel in on the whole thing.  In short, they have requested a document that we do not have as it was not supplied to us when we purchased the property and we were not made aware that it would ever be important.  Thankfully we can obtain the document (and quite quickly, hopefully by Tuesday – so it wouldn’t delay the potential for completion to still take place the week after), but there’s a fee attached (surprise, surprise).  And it’s not £5,or £100.  I can’t and won’t say much more at the moment as there is a very strong chance we will be pursuing our solicitors who managed the purchase of our house for us and I don’t want to prejudice the litigation process.

Aside from that, I’ve had a testing week with #footgate.  My MRI revealed a potential (but not 100% – helpful) fracture of my lateral/fibular sesamoid meaning that the best next course of action for me is to wear an air boot for the next 3 months (it might be a weird blessing in disguise if it did fall through with the house as DIY will be interesting impossible/not allowed.  I’m not saying I want that by the way..!). What I then found out was that you have to pay for the air boot, they don’t just come as part of ‘treatment’, even privately. So, with funds slowly diminishing, I referred myself back to the NHS for future treatment and in the hope of getting an air boot free.  I mean I’ve already saved them over £1,000 over the past 4 months, so you think the least they’d be able to do is give me one (and quickly), but no, after a call with my doctor on Wednesday and visit today, it looks as though I still would have to be referred via an NHS specialist, before obtaining any cast/boot.   Whilst my doctor was helpful in that he dictated and sent a letter to the fracture clinic, explaining my situation, whilst I was in the room, it will probably still be a week before I hear back.  With every step I take worsening my condition, I’ve gone and just bought one on Amazon this evening (thank you to anyone who gave me money for Christmas!) but I’m still going to stick it out with the NHS and see what happens.  Oh the joy.

So, all in all, it has been a pretty stressful week; lots of stomach wrenching moments, a few moments of relief (usually involving a glass of red wine), back to back phone calls, work…work…work… and just to top it off I then had to spend 30 minutes fighting for a car park space (not literally, no yelling thankfully), before I went to get my hair cut. The only saving graces and light at the end of this very long tunnel are that a) I had a positive conversation with our estate agent this evening, who seems to be doing all he can to get this over the line and cost effectively, and b) I went to a new place to get my hair cut and the hair washing chairs had foot rests, heat warmers and a built in back massager (which was amazing, not like the vibrating ones but a proper rolling massager) and the head massage was on point!

It’s the small things in life that save our sanity…

Have a great weekend all x



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