Moving House · The not-so-interesting stuff


That’s not a happy slang way of saying Hello. It’s exactly how I’ve been feeling every day this week and it doesn’t look like anything’s going to change anytime soon (insert sad face).  The easiest way to explain it is probably through rationalising my state and emotions on a scale of 1-10 per each day of the week with a little diary.  It also gives me another reason to use a table, because I LOVE an organised table, so here goes…


Key: 1 = “It’s the end of the world, everything sucks”.  10 = “I’m on top of the world!”.

blog 3

* I’m taking Zinc (pre-breakfast), MSM (powdered form, in a drink, mid-morning), Calcium, Vitamin D and cod liver oil (pre-lunch) and Magnesium (pre-dinner) to hopefully counter or at least reduce the effects of not moving my foot for 3 months (e.g. bone density reduction, de-calcification) and for many more reasons.  I had to do an awful lot of research and I’m confident that I’m now taking the right vitamins/minerals at the right times.  I learnt that you can’t take Calcium and Magnesium together (literally), as they will compete for absorption and one can counter the effect of the other.  So, I’m taking a moderate, not high, dosage of Calcium at least 7-8 hours before I take my Magnesium which should mean it’ll work effectively.  Zinc is best to take early in the day but again, not with Calcium / Vitamin D, so I had to spread these out.   Now I’m seriously considering taking an Open University course on Nutrients and Health!! Equally, if any of the above looks wrong or you have any advice, please let me know as I want to ensure I’m doing all of the right things over the next 3 months (and beyond!).

Finally on this point, I’m using a great app called Round, available on Apple (not sure on other platforms), but it’s great.  It’ll remind you when you need to take what medicines and what dosages.  Once you’ve taken them you can you can tick that you’ve done so and it keeps a record that you can export if you ever need.  I’m only 3 days in but it’s worked a treat so far!


So, the moral of today’s blog and thought of my week (aside from that my emotional highs usually involve food), is that all it takes is a little bit of kindness and a moment of reflection to put everything into perspective and for that I am grateful.

Current yo-yo level after writing this – I’m back up at a 5 (and a half, maybe…).  Now please come home Tom, I need another lush dinner cooked.  This whole ‘dependent’ thing can be really hard.

Hayley x


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